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Basketball Pavilion with Covered Challenge Course

pavillionEnjoy a day playing basketball on our full size covered basketball court. Volleyball, dodge ball and other activities are also available.  You can also challenge yourself and your group on 7 different vertical challenge elements.  The pavilion provides a perfect place to challenge yourself, regardless of the weather.

Covered Challenge Course activities include:

  • Cargo net - Climb up and across a giant cargo net hung from the rafters or challenge yourself to get a little higher than you think you can.
  • Mobile Power Pole - Your team balances a 6”x 6” board on end and holds it upright using a series of ropes. You then attempt to climb the pole and leap off the top in order to grab a trapeze bar. You get to choose how far from the trapeze your team sets up the pole.
  • Giant’s Ladder - A series of 4x4’s hung from cables with each gap increasing in distance to the next rung. You and your partner must figure out how to help each other get further than you ever thought possible.
  • Rope Climb - Pump your forearms as you challenge yourself to climb a 30’ bullrope
  • Rope Ladder - Figure out the most efficient technique for ascending a rope ladder as you attempt to get higher than you initially thought you could.
  • Prusik Climbs - Learn how to ascend a small rope using a series of friction knots.
  • Fidget Ladder - Diagonal rope ladder you must attempt to traverse without falling off of or getting flipped.
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