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Hearing from Youth

Through the many miles, campfires and activities conducted at Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch, here are just a few of the lessons that youth participating in the programs have determined for themselves.

  • youthThere are two steps to an apology: repentance and change—change of the heart, and change of action.
  • Your attitude can completely control the situation, and you can completely control your attitude.  It is a choice, not a circumstance.
  • Reacting to fear is just like your attitude, it’s able to be overcome and conquered.
  • When you stop focusing on your misery and trouble and begin to focus on helping those around you, life gets a lot brighter.
  • Service to others gives purpose to life.
  • Giving up is not an option, nor should it be.
  • Breaking points are an incredible opportunity for dramatic turn-arounds.
  • Breaking points let us see, more than anything else, what we are made of, force us to accept help from trusted others, teach us to pull ourselves back up, and help us to see where we must go.
  • We must make sure we are always connected to a proper anchor/rope in life.  It is also important that we pay attention to the holds we are climbing on.  While the anchor will keep us from falling far if the hold breaks, we find ourselves farther and farther back to where we started, and eventually, may not be able to make it back to the wall at all.
  • Influencers have a great opportunity and responsibility to others.  They must make sure they are using their gift for good and not evil.  Those who are influenced by others must learn to become one who influences.
  • Compassion for others is impossible to learn until you can relate to their hurt.  We all know hurt in our own lives.  We must just learn to see us in them.
  • We wish our parents could see us now.  They would never believe it.  We wish they would do this with us.
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