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What ages does camp serve?

APic7dventure Camp is designed for boys 8-13. 

What do we pack?

A recommended packing list, “must bring” items, and items to leave at home are included in the Camp Information packet. Luggage should be compact and easy to carry. Duffle bags and backpacks work great. NOTE: There are no public laundry facilities at the Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch. Please pack enough clothing for your entire stay.  Please contact camp with any questions regarding what to pack.

What camping supplies are provided by the camp?

The ranch provides fleece sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, and all items needed for campfire cooking. You are welcome to use our personal supplies or bring your own.

What if a camper is having a birthday that week?

Please let us know if a camper is celebrating a birthday at camp! Birthdays at camp are a cause for great celebration and our staff will ensure that it is a birthday that the camper will never forget. We also provide a birthday cake and some other special surprises for the camper and their group.

What if a camper gets sick while they are at camp?

pic8A qualified nurse will be on-site throughout camp for emergencies and sickness.  Very rarely do we have sick campers who are kept at the nursing station for more than 24 hours.  However, if we feel the camper will get better, we will keep him/her at the nursing station. In more extreme cases, we may ask that parents/guardians of ill campers care for their camper at home and see their family doctor.  A CAMPER WHO IS SICK BEFORE CAMP BEGINS SHOULD BE KEPT HOME FOR HIS/HER OWN SAKE AND THAT OF OTHERS. Many contagious diseases begin with cold-like symptoms.

What if a camper wets the bed?

Our staff are trained to handle bed wetting discreetly. Please notify your guide upon arrival if your child may wet the bed and notify your guide if it happens during the week. The camp does have emergency laundry facilities available for these situations.

What if a camper takes medications?

All medication brought into camp must be either in the original container or accompanied by written orders, signed by a physician. They must include the camper’s name, dosage, and time. All medications, including over-the-counter (vitamins, creams, etc.) must be turned in to the camp nurse as required by Missouri laws. Camp stocks most over-the-counter medications needed at camp, so it is not necessary that you bring those. You may call us anytime if you would like to know if we stock a particular item. Upon arrival to camp, all medications are to be checked in at the nursing station. If a camper has an inhaler, it will be carried with his/her counselor at all times. Make sure all medication has been picked up from the nursing station before departure.pic9

What happens if there is an emergency at home during camp?

Emergency calls to campers should be done through the camp office (573) 775-5513 or (573) 263-2736. If there is a situation where our phones are down, call (573) 265-3251. We will make sure that the message is relayed and that you receive a response.

Can campers bring cell phones to camp?

No.  We believe that it is important to break away from the day to day routine and be physically, mentally, and emotionally present at camp.  Part of doing that requires us to break away from the distractions of things at home. We ask that minors do not have their phones or other electronics at camp.

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