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Adventure Camp for Challenging Youth

Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch programs offer individuals opportunities to discover and capitalize on their strengths and to inspire changes in perspective. Experiential outdoor adventure activities and programs focus on means to continued development of character, integrity, positive relationships and, ultimately, to making even a greater positive impact in the world.

An opportunity for what is needed most

Pic1Successfully navigating the teenage years is quite a difficult challenge.  So is parenting a teenager.  Many times challenges, miscommunication, unmet needs, different perceptions, frustrations, and difficulties of family relationships begin to wear on the individuals in the family leading to struggles and big obstacles.  Individuals fall into patterns that can be destructive to themselves and those around them that they truly care about.  Unchanged, these destructive patterns can lead to a lack of trust, hurt, anger, fear, and ultimately broken relationships.  This camp was created to give teens and their families an opportunity to refresh, reset, and grow in their lives and their relationships. 

This camp was designed for teens who have incredible potential and big dreams, but who may be struggling to find their way. While symptoms vary, underlying issues these youth deal with are often similar.

  • poor self-confidence
  • self-loathing 
  • guilt/shame
  • anger
  • depression 
  • hopelessness

For many youth, a week of a high-adventure summer camp led by skilled, caring, and compassionate staff who have extensive experience serving youth in similar situations can be just what is needed.

Adventure experiences are not an escape from the daily grind. They are reality where the true self always, without fail, eventually surfaces, free of the walls and masks built up through time and experience.  These experiences, if paid attention to, can provide the very lessons most needed for each person at the point where they are in that exact moment of their life. This may be a time of purification, of testing, of building, of confirmation, of waking, of changing, of envisioning, or even something totally different. However, whatever is needed is there for the taking if they choose to seek it. During camp, youth are given the resources and opportunity to truly determine where they are in life, and what they truly need to begin their journey to become the men and women they can be.

Camp objectives

pic2To grow personal and relational efficacy through purposeful, goal-oriented, group-related experiences. We want the youth we serve to be able to:

  1. Develop awareness, respect, and interdependence among the individuals in the group.
  2. Recognize and apply their unique design in the service of others.
  3. Reconstruct perceptions to nurture hope. 
  4. Transform brokenness into meaningful purpose and direction.
  5. Experience joy in living.
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